Monday, November 7, 2016

Working in Multiple Journals/Sketchbooks at One Time

I used to only work in one journal or sketchbook at a time. However in recent years I have found myself working in multiple books. I enjoy being able to move from one to another. Let paint dry in one while I paint or collage in another. Work big today, small tomorrow. Carry one in my purse, keep the other(s) on my desk.

Currently I have a very small (handmade) book that I keep in my purse with a couple of pens, some crayons, and washi tape. I have a 4" x 6" spiral bound sketchbook (lightweight drawing paper), a large 11" x 14" spiral bound sketchbook (mixed media paper), a large landscape format altered book (spiral bound with drawing weight paper), and a 5" x 7" bound sketchbook with a leather cover and handmade paper pages (it has a lovely metal clasp that I can't close anymore 😆).